A brand can’t simply be forced on a company, product, or service. Branding must be an organic process that emanates from the soul.

A properly-aligned brand evolves from the inside out, emerging from the company, product, or service’s natural essence. It can’t feel forced, and it must deftly espouse its message to its audience through a natural flow in order to deliver impact and value at its full potential.

When explaining the concept of branding to our clients, The Remedy presents an organic, comprehensive view which relies on an integrated process to unleash the full potential of the brand. At its core, The Remedy offers clients solutions, strategies, and content that allow a brand to develop its culture and identity through a proven process designed to accentuate the brand’s vibe, personality, and spirit.

If you ask 100 so-called marketing, advertising, and communications experts, you will get 100 different variations of what the term branding means. At The Remedy, we view branding the following way:

Branding is the process that aims to establish top of mind awareness and increased levels of ownership by managing and promoting an identity to a target audience over a period of time. Successful branding approaches are generally thought to be driven by the laws of relevance, clarity, goal direction, market differentiation, consistency, energy, interaction, feedback, and so on. Too often, elements such as marketing, advertising, public relations, community relations, and social media are segmented and considered in a vacuum with no regard as to how each element affects the others. Branding eliminates those unnatural barriers and allows all of those elements to work in concert organically in order to fully develop every aspect of an identity.