Outdoor + Environmental

Spatial environmental graphics include signage (indoor and outdoor), murals, point of sale promotions, and posters which are integrated with architectural and interior elements to create an informative, comfortable, and inviting environment within a retail location, an office, or any other branded space. Environmental graphics exude a company’s soul, boast its character, and set the tone for those visiting the space. The Remedy works with clients to carefully determine the specific mood, feel, and ambiance desired for a space, and then carefully develops environmental graphics to get those desired results.

A promotional billboard designed for the FreeForAll Concert Series in Columbus, OH
A digital billboard designed by The Remedy promoting an upcoming Dallas Sidekicks game
Outdoor signage developed for the FreeForAll Concert Series
A billboard designed for the Tampa Bay Rain professional basketball team
A billboard designed for the World of Beer franchise at Easton Town Center in Columbus, OH
The Remedy designed all of the dasher board signage surrounding the field of the Dallas Vigilantes
A banner stand created for VetsToTechs for the company's kiosk at a job training event
Signage created by The Remedy for VetsToTechs at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, TX
A branded stage backdrop created by The Remedy used in Garrett Morris' Downtown Blues & Comedy Club's new venue
The Remedy developed all of the in-arena graphics used during Dallas Sidekicks games, including this animated graphic on the 360 facia ring for McDonald's played when goals are scored by the home team
Banner stands created for Grace Bridge
Banner stands created to promote a brand an events
Billboard designed to promote the upcoming seasons of two professional sports teams
Pole banners developed for the California Dream professional tennis team to help brand the team in the community