Nonetheless, everyday companies with great concepts, products, and services fall by the wayside. Why? Usually because they overlook the critical step of branding. Very rarely does a product come along that is so brilliant and so earth-shattering that it simply sells itself. The fact is, the market is cluttered with genius concepts, outstanding products, and quality services. But if no one knows about those concepts, products, or services, you’re just whistling in the wind.

An efficient, optimized brand has a personality, tone, and soul reflective of the company’s spirit. It takes more than just a flashy logo, a bright We’re Open sign in the window, and a website with all the bells and whistles. It goes deeper, much deeper.

An efficient, optimized brand also synergistically incorporates the multiple aspects of the branding process so that the voice that is developed is also disbursed. This branding process is built though connected messaging aimed at specific target audiences. And it utilizes various vehicles and their specific unique delivery capabilities to push that messaging with a refined tone, tenor, and style aimed at penetrating each intended audience.

As David Aaker, the Father of Branding, states, “Branding adds spirit and a soul to what would otherwise be a robotic, automated, generic price-value proposition.”

We couldn’t agree more. A healthy brand is living, evolving, and developing at all times. It is never stagnant and must be consistently exposed to your customer base for it to make the greatest impact. In fact, studies show that before a customer purchases a product, he or she needs to be exposed to the brand an average of 17 times. Is your current branding campaign designed to make those impressions to customers? If not, it is time to seize your brand with The Remedy.