A company with no intrinsic brand is a company without a voice. The Remedy was designed to help your brand establish its voice.

Don’t think of voice as those loud car salesmen screaming at you on television commercials. Nor is voice a string of self-serving adjectives used to make your brand seem esteemed — we’re honest, intelligent, diverse, capable, blah, blah, blah. Join the club. All brands perceive themselves this way.

Your brand doesn’t need a town crier bellowing to the masses. That’s just noise. People tune out noise. People engage with a strong, creative, powerful message. That, coupled with the physical and emotional attributes of your brand, combine to form your brand’s voice. Your brand’s voice allows your brand to speak, even when it’s not talking.

Now is the time to turn down the noise and raise your voice. Allow your brand to speak your message, even when its lips aren’t moving. Once properly optimized by The Remedy, your brand will flourish with a fresh image and a bold spirit that rises above the noise.