Our apologies to your Dad if he is a master chef, but it’s likely he’s not. Instead he’s probably like our fathers. He might be able to do a few things on the grill and maybe get by in the kitchen on occasion, but would you entrust him with your biggest day? Not a chance.

So why are you allowing the graphic artist at the local print shop to create your ad? Or why have you turned over part of your PR activities to the cheapest free-lancer available on Craigslist? That’s like having your Dad cater your wedding reception – the chips and beer will be there and maybe some of those Little Smokies, but don’t expect a five-star spread of fine dining elegance.

Much like planning and executing your wedding, the process of branding (or rebranding) a company, product, or service is a multifaceted experience. Your brand must have the capacity to engage your audience with a relevant story and fresh content across numerous platforms and have them all work in unison to deliver a strong, creative, powerful message. That becomes impossible to do if you are hodge-podging your branding efforts together from various random sources. The print shop creating your ads has no idea what the free-lancer from Craigslist is distributing about your company, and neither of those individuals has a clue as to what the social media intern is Tweeting or Instagramming. It all becomes one chaotic, jumbled, convoluted mess, just like your Dad’s idea of the perfect wedding reception.

Instead, why not engage a single entity with the experience, creativity, and proven ability to craft a singular program to give voice to your brand while also providing you with the various creative elements needed to let your voice be heard? The Remedy is that entity to provide you with a fully-integrated branding platform, whether your company is a mom-and-pop start-up or an established business with a stale brand looking for revitalization.