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Champion’s Edge almost ready to launch


Everyone needs an edge. Whether you’re an athlete, a professional, or even a stay-at-home mom, gaining an edge over whatever obstacles stand in your way allows you the boost you need to overcome the competition, accomplish your goals, and get through the day. Champion’s Edge is the newest line of nutritional and performance supplements created to give you the Champion’s Edge.

The Remedy has partnered with Champion’s Edge to serve as the company’s brand manager. As such, The Remedy will oversee the company’s launch and product introduction into the market and work with the company to continue to build the brand as it begins its growth within the industry.

The Remedy is already hard at work developing a brand identity and brand positioning for the company and its products, including developing logos, product names, identity marks, packaging designs, online tools, and marketing and business collateral. Once the new products are launched, The Remedy will work with the company to maintain its brand integrity and see that all branding remains streamlined and aligned as additional products are added to the public offering.

“Champion’s Edge is a new company developed by professionals who have had great prior success within the industry,” said Stephen Evans, President of The Remedy. “This project is one that is very exciting for us, as we are able to work with the company from the very beginning and are able to assist it with developing the culture and essence of the brand. This is something that we will be able to watch grow while having a big hand in the direction that the brand forges.”

Champion’s Edge will initially launch three products — a Hydration product, a mental focus product, and a recovery product. All will come in various flavors and will be in powder form.

Check back with us often as we continue to build the Champion’s Edge brand and prepare it for launch!

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