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The Remedy delivers with new entertainment concept


The Remedy recently completed one of the most exciting projects it has been asked to take on. Demonstrating once again its ability to take a concept and develop it into a cool, mature brand, The Remedy teamed with Columbus, OH-based The Team: Sports, Entertainment, & Media to launch the FreeForAll Concert Series.

The project started as an intriguing idea by Dave Whinham, President of The Team. The idea was to present an ongoing series of concerts that would quickly be embraced as a Columbus tradition, not only because of the big-time talent and high-quality presentations within an incredible metropolitan setting, but also because tickets for these wildly popular events would be ABSOLUTELY FREE! The first event would take place at Columbus Commons, a 9-acre park and green space in downtown Columbus complete with a performance stage and pavilion to go along with the urban park, homes, offices, restaurants, and shops that surround the trendy space.

Armed with only that vision, The Remedy set out to grow the concept into a viable brand. First, it needed a name. But not just any name – a name that would hopefully get people’s attention. After literally jotting down scores of potential monikers, The Remedy finally hit on something that was not only catchy, but also captured the uniqueness of the brand. And the FreeForAll Concert Series was born.

With the name out of the way, The Remedy then set out to design the logos and branding marks that would set the tone. We wanted the marks to have an exciting, rock-and-roll vibe with a bit of an edge, but with also some nostalgia thrown in. We also wanted a warm palette that could be a great fit for outdoor summertime shows or intimate indoor performances during the cold Ohio winter. The images below are fruits of those efforts.


“The Remedy was awesome throughout the whole process,” said Whinham. “We were beyond thrilled with the brand they developed. The first time they said ‘FreeForAll’, it just clicked. It was perfect. And their execution throughout the branding phase was more than we could have asked for. In the end, everything that The Remedy delivered was top notch and extremely well-received by partners, sponsors, and, most important, the general public in Columbus.”

In addition to the name and the brand identity marks, The Remedy also developed the website for the new concert series and was also charged with developing an advertising and marketing strategy, including creating all advertising elements, business collateral, marketing collateral, and web and social media graphics. Finally, The Remedy was tasked with devising a public relations strategy surrounding the launch of the new brand and the announcement of the first concert event, a strategy that would need to create enough buzz and awareness within the market to allow The Team to distribute 15,000 tickets to fans at announced ticket distribution events in the weeks leading up to the first show.

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