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The Remedy partners with SportsBoard to deliver new technology


SportsBoard, the first mobile player assessment solution designed to streamline the recruiting and in-season evaluation process for college coaches, has developed a new football-focused product called Football Scout and has partnered with two national firms to distribute it to college athletics programs across the country.

The Remedy, a Dallas, TX-based branding and marketing company, and The Team: Sports, Entertainment, & Media based in Columbus, OH, will assist SportsBoard with its roll-out of Football Scout. The two companies have a combined six decades of experience in the sports industry and also have extensive relationships with football coaches and athletic administrators at colleges and universities of all sizes, ranging from major NCAA BCS-level schools to smaller Division III and NAIA programs.

SportsBoard’s Football Scout offers revolutionary technology that allows coaches to more efficiently and effectively scout and analyze prospective recruits using an iPad or iPhone App. Football Scout enables programs to implement a standardized, structured assessment process for all coaches, eliminating data entry into recruiting databases and saving time on administrative work.  With Football Scout, coaches can focus more on coaching and winning.

Unique features of SportsBoard include the ability to capture videos, photos, voicememos and text notes, sport-specific player ratings, and other empirical data collected on the recruiting trail and easily sync that information to a team’s recruiting database in a matter of seconds, eliminating the administrative time and effort it traditionally takes to sort through pages of handwritten notes and manually enter the information into spreadsheets or other databases.

“This is an outstanding technology that is the next must-have asset in the ever-growing recruiting arms race within college athletics,” said Stephen Evans, President of The Remedy. “We can’t wait to get SportsBoard’s Football Scout in front of our colleagues in the industry. There is not a sports program in the country, large or small, that wouldn’t benefit from implementing SportsBoard into their day-to-day coaching, scouting, and recruiting efforts.”

In addition to recruiting, SportsBoard also offers the following in-season features that allow college athletics programs to save time and money and work more efficiently:

  • The Ability to Interface with Video Analysis Systems: Feed stats to video analysis systems like DVSport, XOS, HUDL, and others for “auto-tagging” of video by player and stat.
  • Opponent Scouting: Coaches are also able to scout opponents and then email scouting reports to coaches/players.
  • Player Evaluations: Coaches can easily capture, track, and report on player development and generate in-season player evaluations.

Finally, SportsBoard offers revolutionary camp functionality that allows coaches to capture and distribute video evaluations of athletes with voice-over critiques within hours of the end of a camp. SportsBoard’s unique ability to capture the video/voice data by player in its App, sync the App with the SportsBoard server, allow coaches to create an email template, and then send one email template to hundreds of athletes who participated in the camp with only the athlete’s videos attached to each email saves weeks of time. The “wow” factor for athletes and their parents receiving these evaluations so quickly is huge, and they can then share these video evaluations with their high school/club coaches and even college coaches recruiting them. And, even better, these video evaluations can enable coaches’ offseason camps to generate an additional source of revenue.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with The Remedy and The Team to expand our footprint in football,” states Gregg Jacobs, SportsBoard’s Founder and CEO.  “With the relationships they have already in place, we have great expectations for making a lot of progress quickly in this market.”

Football Scout is SportsBoard’s newest product. SportsBoard currently supports more than ten sports including baseball, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, ice hockey, field hockey, tennis, volleyball, and rugby. More than 150 college sports programs are already using the SportsBoard product, including programs at major NCAA universities such as Maryland, Stanford, Duke, Miami (Fla.), Michigan, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Syracuse, North Carolina, Kentucky, and Oregon.

Founded in 2011 by Gregg Jacobs, SportsBoard is a mobile player assessment solutions company for recruiting, season and camp activities. Based in San Rafael, CA, SportsBoard is a registered trademark of West Shore Technologies. SportsBoard is available for 10 sports, including Soccer, Basketball, Lacrosse, Baseball, Football, Ice Hockey, Field Hockey, Tennis, Volleyball, and Rugby – and soon Softball. Over the past 10 months, more than 150 Division I through Division III colleges have adopted SportsBoard as their player management system. For more information about SportsBoard, visit our website at

Specially designed for small and mid-size companies, The Remedy is a full-service branding solutions firm that incorporates forward-thinking marketing and communications strategies with integrated, world-class graphic design to deliver comprehensive branding solutions at a fair price with a commitment to providing customers The Remedy to their branding needs. For more information about The Remedy, visit our website at

The Team: Sports, Entertainment & Media focuses its efforts in four areas: (1) brokering of sports and entertainment opportunities and entities, (2) producing of live sports and entertainment events, (3) providing comprehensive management and consulting services, and (4) creating, producing and placing media and branding elements. The Team has successfully managed transactions for an array of highly respected organizations throughout the industry including teams at all levels, venues, buyers, sellers, licensed products, television and media projects, and other related businesses.

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