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The Remedy offers companies the remedy to their branding needs

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On June 1, 2012, The Remedy flipped on the lights of its office in Dallas’ Uptown district, opened its doors, and began immediately changing the industry.

Well, it didn’t go exactly that way, but that’s what we’ll someday tell our grandchildren.

The Remedy is a full-service branding solutions firm that incorporates forward-thinking marketing and communications strategies with integrated, world-class graphic design to deliver comprehensive branding solutions. As the name suggests, our company has been designed to find The Remedy to our clients’ branding needs, providing what the client says it wants, and also what the client may not realize it actually needs, while at the same time ensuring that every element of the project works in unison to create an integrated final product. The Remedy aims to provide a unique prescription to cure the maladies that plague a company’s brand and develop The Remedy to its branding ailments.

All too often, a business owner is stuck with a quandary to which there is no answer in sight. Does the business owner overspend with a high-priced, impersonal, disinterested agency that would rather tally the project hours than learn about the core of its business efforts or does the business owner roll the dice with an inexperienced free-lancer who may or may not meet the company’s needs effectively on a timely basis?

Now there is a third alternative – The Remedy.

We focus on branding, strategic planning, and execution. Time and time again companies with great concepts, products, and services fail to make it. Why? Usually because they overlook the critical step of branding. The Remedy prescribes an organic, comprehensive view of branding to our clients that combines professionalism with unsurpassed quality, fair pricing, and a personal touch to fill a void within the industry.

At our core, we offer branding solutions. What exactly is branding? If you ask 100 different so-called marketing, advertising, and communications experts, you’ll get 100 different variations of what the term branding means. At The Remedy, we view branding the following way:

Branding is the process that aims to establish top of mind awareness and increased levels of ownership by managing and promoting an identity to a target audience over a period of time. Successful branding approaches are generally thought to be driven by the laws of relevance, clarity, goal direction, market differentiation, consistency, energy, interaction, feedback, and so on. Too often, elements such as marketing, advertising, public relations, community relations, and social media are segmented and considered in a vacuum with no regard as to how each element affects the others. Branding eliminates those unnatural barriers and allows all of those communications elements to work in concert organically in order to fully develop every aspect of an identity.

The Remedy fills a niche for small and medium-size businesses that do not have the excessive marketing and advertising budgets to bring on a team of high dollar advertising agencies, public relations firms, graphics design houses, and social media management shops to cobble together a comprehensive branding plan likely to be filled with duplicate services presented by agencies competing for your dollars without regard for your best interests. We provide those services in a one-stop operation where integration and customer appreciation are key to The Remedy experience.

If your brand is stale, out of touch, or simply not working as efficiently as you believe it should, it’s time to seize your brand. Everything that occurs within a business says something about a company. Perception is precious, and once it permeates through to the public, getting it back in the tube is almost impossible. So let’s get started. Whether you have an existing brand that needs a facelift or a new brand in search of its identity, allow The Remedy to prescribe the perfect branding solution to your business. After all, a healthy brand gets results!